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Tysonian Institute of Sport

A subsidary of Bollocks Pty Ltd

22 June
acting, alcohol, alternative sexuality, alþing, ampop, amsterdam, androgyny, art, artists, arts, auras, aurora borealis, being john malkovich, being naked, bi, bi-sexuals, bill bailey, bisexual, bisexuality, bisexuals, björk, black books, blackadder, bowling for columbine, brian molko, cafe cozy, canada, candles, chopsticks, cinema, comic art, dogma, drama, dresden dolls, dylan moran, edward scissorhands, empathy, exploration, farenheit 9/11, fawlty towers, garbage, gay, goth, guys, helena bohnam carter, hilary swank, homosexuality, iceland, icelandic, improv, improvisation, indie movies, interview with a vampire, japanese, john cleese, johnny depp, lesbian, life without buildings, london, long hair, love, lust, marilyn manson, men, milla jovovich, mmf, monty python, monty pythons flying circus, mr bean, my body, my hair, mysterious skin, múm, nature, nudism, nudist, penis, performance, performing, philosophy, pirates of the carribean, placebo, plays, playwriting, porn, queer, radio rampart, radiohead, rain, red dwarf, reykjavík, scotland, sexuality, shaun micallef, sigur ros, sketch comedy, snow, sociology, soul mate, spirituality, stockholm, street performers, supersize me, surrealism, tarot, tasmin greig, the blue lagoon, the crow, the dissociatives, the magdeline sisters, the micallef p(r)ogram(me), the nightmare before christmas, the simpsons, the thin blue line, theatre, tim burton, tjörnin, trabant, transgender, travel, vagina, vatnajökull, wicca, women, writing, Þingvellír, ísland, íslensku